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150 Alumni Stories

  • “At TUM Asia I have learnt for life”
    Semiconductor Expert Gunjot Kaur

    “At TUM Asia I have learnt for life”

    Studying at TUM's Singapore branch has had a significant impact on Gunjot Kaur's path in life. Today, she is confidently holding her ground in a male-dominated industry on an international level.

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  • “I draw the best from different cultures”
    Top Manager Elisabetta Castiglioni

    “I draw the best from different cultures”

    After her doctorate at TUM , TUM Alumna Elisabetta Castiglioni decided against a habilitation and for a career in business. Today, the sought-after expert for digitisation has an unparalleled international career in top management.

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  • “Continuous learning will always be in demand”
    Mechanical Engineer Claus von Heydebreck

    “Continuous learning will always be in demand”

    After completing his studies at TUM, Claus von Heydebreck worked successfully for major international corporations. Today, the top manager teaches his TUM Mentees the key skills required for this, working from Brazil.

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  • “Natural sciences and management are an excellent combination”
    Manager Karin Thelen

    “Natural sciences and management are an excellent combination”

    TUM Alumni Karin Thelen is uniting the best of both worlds. With her scientific expertise she is driving development and innovation and she decisively contributes to the economic success of her company.

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New President of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts

TUM Alumnus and Emeritus of Excellence Prof. Dr. Winfried Nerdinger (degree in Architecture in 1971, PhD in Art History in 1979) is to become the new President of the Bavarian Academy of the Fine Arts. The architecture historian holds the position, among others, of Founding Director of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism. The Bavarian Academy of the Fine Arts is an association of well-known personalities from art.

You can experience Winfried Nerdinger live on Thursday May 23, 2019 at 6 pm as part of the “Tech Histories Alive” series, where he will be speaking about the topic “From storage room to Architecture Museum. Learning from history – research and teaching”. The public lecture is free of charge and aimed at an interdisciplinary audience.

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Film about the anniversary year

Film about the anniversary year

150 years of TUM

– watch the video!

Since 1868 Technical University of Munich is shaping the future. In this film we are looking back at our eventful anniversary year. TUM thanks all contributors, who helped and took part.

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Jubilee donation

TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868

You received a sound education at the TUM and you have found your place in life. You are grateful for that and would like to share your success with others.

You can support the TUM on its course of excellence with contributions and donations of all amounts. During the jubilee year, the TUM family will be celebrating together. We will be showing our appreciation of our sponsors with our TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868.

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Events for Alumni

  • Webinar: Jobchancen erhöhen durch Storytelling
    Foto: ©GaudiLab -

    Webinar: Jobchancen erhöhen durch Storytelling

    Wed. 22.05.2019 10:00-11:00 - Im Bewerbungsprozess ist es wichtig, spontan, überzeugend und vor allem prägnant vom eigenen Karriere- und Lebensweg berichten zu können – sei es nun im Vorstellungsgespräch, auf der Jobmesse oder beim Networkin…

  • Webinar: Lebensläufe individuell gestalten
    Foto: ©GaudiLab -

    Webinar: Lebensläufe individuell gestalten

    Wed. 22.05.2019 16:00-17:00 - Machen Sie sich mit den erforderlichen Inhalten eines Lebenslaufs vertraut und lernen Sie, wie Sie dabei Ihre Kompetenzen je nach Stellenausschreibung gut darstellen können. Im Anschluss haben Sie im Chat die Möglic…

  • Abenteuer Führung
    Foto: tmc_photos - Fotolia

    Abenteuer Führung

    Thu. 23.05.2019 18:15-20:00 - Neue Ideen, hilfreiches Feedback. Im kollegialen Austausch erfahren Führungskräfte von den Problemen und Lösungen der anderen. So funktioniert das Netzwerk der TUM Alumni. Unter den TUM Alumni hat sich eine Gruppe …

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