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150 Alumni Stories

  • “Air taxis will be normal soon”
    Air taxi pioneer Daniel Wiegand

    “Air taxis will be normal soon”

    Daniel Wiegand wants to revolutionize mobility. Soon, everyone ought to be able to travel with the world's first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet. In order to make his vision reality, he recruited the best TUM Alumni for his start-up.

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  • “I was on of the youngest and at the same time the boss”
    TUM Emeritus of Excellence Kurt Antreich

    “I was on of the youngest and at the same time the boss”

    As a child Kurt Antreich had to flee from his Bohemian homelands. That he was able to gain his university-entrance diploma (Abitur) was not a matter of course. In the end he conducted internationally renowned research on the field of Information T…

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  • “Women must communicate clearly”
    Architect Niao Wu

    “Women must communicate clearly”

    At TUM Niao Wu learned how important listening and clear communication is. These skills help her to manage international teams today. At our first Women of TUM event of the year, the TUM Alumna talks about her experiences.

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  • “We wanted to revolutionize homebrewing”
    Founders Ping Lu, Dominik Guber and Wolfgang Westermeier

    “We wanted to revolutionize homebrewing”

    Because they did not like the beers on sale in the supermarkets, three TUM alumni simply decided to brew their own. This hobby turned into a multi million start-up, which today makes homebrewing possible for customers in Germany, Asia and the USA.

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Rupert Huber awarded with Leibniz Price

The German Research Foundation has awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize to Alumni Rupert Huber (Degree Physics 2000, Doctorate 2004), Professor for Experimental and Applied Physics at the University of Regensburg. The Leibniz Prize is the most important German science prize and endowed with 2.5 million euros. It is awarded to scientists who have achieved excellent research results at an early stage of their career.

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Film about the anniversary year

Film about the anniversary year

150 years of TUM

– watch the video!

Since 1868 Technical University of Munich is shaping the future. In this film we are looking back at our eventful anniversary year. TUM thanks all contributors, who helped and took part.

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Jubilee donation

TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868

You received a sound education at the TUM and you have found your place in life. You are grateful for that and would like to share your success with others.

You can support the TUM on its course of excellence with contributions and donations of all amounts. During the jubilee year, the TUM family will be celebrating together. We will be showing our appreciation of our sponsors with our TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868.

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