TUM Alumni in Asia

  • “Learning has to be fun“

    Chemist Fun Man Fung

    “Learning has to be fun“

  • “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“

    Professor Ying Zhang

    “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“

    For her doctorate, Ying Zhang went all the way from China to Munich. Her experiences related to this intercultural exchange enriched her so much that she initiated the Women of TUM Network together with other female TUM Alumni.

  • “My doctorate from TUM was a door opener wherever I went”

    Entrepreneur Victor Sandoval

    “My doctorate from TUM was a door opener wherever I went”

    In order to be able to do his doctorate at TUM, Victor Sandoval received a scholarship. The doctoral title made it easier for him to set up five companies in the Philippines. Today, it is him who supports the young scientists of his country.

  • “Work hard and pursue your passion”

    TUM Ambassador Amaresh Chakrabarti

    “Work hard and pursue your passion”

    In his native India, Amaresh Chakrabarti grew up in modest circumstances. Today he is one of the pioneers in the field of design research in his country. The TUM Ambassador's recipe for success is a continuous international exchange.

  • “I visit Bavaria every year”

    Bavaria Enthusiast Dr. Yukou Mochida

    “I visit Bavaria every year”

    Over half a century has passed since Dr. Yukou Mochida spent his days at the researchers’ desk at TUM. In all these years, he has never lost sight of his guest alma mater. On the contrary. Bavaria has also become a professional focus for the Japanese.

  • “In Memory of my Father“

    Donator Susmita Sinha

    “In Memory of my Father“

    The year of studying in Munich had a big impact on Susmita Sinha from India. She was constantly inspired by the work of her father, an electrical engineer. Out of gratitude she is now funding a Deutschlandstipendium for a young female Indian student.