Women of TUM
Over 200 women from all over Germany visited the Women of TUM Talks 2018 (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

Women of TUM

– Network for Women

Women of TUM is the network for female academics, graduates and students of TUM. It promotes a global exchange of ideas and mutual support among women in the areas of economics and the sciences.

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Workshop: Making Achievements Visible

You would like your boss to acknowledge your work more? You are wondering how you can make your successes and strengths more visible in the company? Then this workshop on May 16th is the right one for you. With the help of practical tips TUM Alumna Corinna Schulmeister, passionate business coach and trainer, shows the art of successful self-marketing. Become a PR master on your own account and show that your achievements are yours.

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Women of TUM

  • “At TUM Asia I have learnt for life”
    Gunjot Kaur (center) has been living and working in Munich, her adopted home, for almost ten years. At an international technology company, the semiconductor expert is responsible for global marketing. The picture shows her with her team on a sales conference where they launched a new trademark (Photo: Private).
    Semiconductor Expert Gunjot Kaur

    “At TUM Asia I have learnt for life”

    Studying at TUM's Singapore branch has had a significant impact on Gunjot Kaur's path in life. Today, she is confidently holding her ground in a male-dominated industry on an international level.
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  • “I draw the best from different cultures”
    As part of the top management of large corporations Dr. Elisabetta Castiglioni accompanies corporations into the digital future. Here, she relies on her interdisciplinary and international teams. For her, diversity is the key to success (Photo: Bettina Theisinger/Photo design Theisinger).
    Top Manager Elisabetta Castiglioni

    “I draw the best from different cultures”

    After her doctorate at TUM , TUM Alumna Elisabetta Castiglioni decided against a habilitation and for a career in business. Today, the sought-after expert for digitisation has an unparalleled international career in top management.
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  • “Natural sciences and management are an excellent combination”
    For her new job in a major corporation, Karin Thelen wanted to consolidate her expertise in management and business administration. She did not consider any other university than TUM for her MBA. In 2018 she completed her master's degree (Photo: Private).
    Manager Karin Thelen

    “Natural sciences and management are an excellent combination”

    TUM Alumni Karin Thelen is uniting the best of both worlds. With her scientific expertise she is driving development and innovation and she decisively contributes to the economic success of her company.
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  • “Get out of your disciplinary comfort zone!”
    In 2019, the Charles Darwin Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary. Dr. María José Barragán Paladines talks at the General Assembly about the dangers facing the Galapagos Archipelago as a result of climate change, runaway disordered tourism and illegal fisheries (Photo: Juan M. García/FCD).
    Marine biologist and Human geographer María José Barragán Paladines

    “Get out of your disciplinary comfort zone!”

    María José learned the importance of interdisciplinary research while studying at TUM. She is now the Science Director of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands where she works on finding ways of reconciling human interest with nature conservation.
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  • “I am letting my questions guide me”
    TUM alumna Katharina Schätz is the first Climate Resilience Manager in Germany (photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).
    Climate Resilience Manager Katharina Schätz

    “I am letting my questions guide me”

    How can quality of life in cities be maintained despite increasingly extreme climatic events? This question is what drives Katharina Schätz since her studies in Landscaping at TUM. As Regensburg's Climate Resilience Manager she is set on finding answers.
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