Women of TUM
Over 200 women from all over Germany visited the Women of TUM Talks 2018 (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

Women of TUM

– Network for Women

Women of TUM is the network for female academics, graduates and students of TUM. It promotes a global exchange of ideas and mutual support among women in the areas of economics and the sciences.

Next Women of TUM Afterworks

Afterwork in February

Katharina Kreitz is engineer and co-founder. Her start-up Vectoflow develops innovative customized flow measurement technology for many different applications.

She will kickstart the evening on Thursday, 13.2.2020, from 7 pm with an impulse talk on why she founded a business and the current challenges she faces as co-founder. Afterwards she will host an open discussion and there will be time for networking. After the talk there will be time to discuss and to network with the other participants.

The presentation & discussion will be in English.

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Women of TUM

  • “Space is my passion”
    At TUM one of Maria Grulich's former professors was an astronaut. Now she herself is well on the way to this career (Photo: private).
    Aerospace Engineer Maria Grulich

    “Space is my passion”

    TUM Alumna Maria Grulich has only recently completed her studies but has already worked for the most important space agencies. With an international crew, she recently carried out a simulated Mars mission.
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  • “TUM is a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research”
    In December 2019 Prof. Dr. Anca Muscholl received the honorary title 'TUM Ambassador' from TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).
    TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl

    “TUM is a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research”

    With her algorithms TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl wants to make software better and more secure. Thanks to the research experience she has gained at TUM, she feels well prepared for this future-oriented task.
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  • “I am interested in the questions that lie in between the different topics”
    Lavinia Herzog works at the interface between architecture, landscape architecture and design. In her garden, which is her experimental field and relax area at the same time, she gets the best ideas for her innovative projects (Photo: private).
    Architect Lavinia Herzog

    “I am interested in the questions that lie in between the different topics”

    Her designs for urban open spaces allow TUM Alumna Lavinia Herzog to roam in the undefined area between nature and art. The love for architecture and design was given to her by her parents, the expertise she acquired at TUM.
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  • "My dream is to establish new strategies for prevention"
    Jacqueline Lammert has German-Slovakian roots. The photo shows her at a congress on Gynecology and Obstetrics in Bratislava in June 2019 (Photo: Private).
    Physician-in-training Jacqueline Lammert

    "My dream is to establish new strategies for prevention"

    It was at TUM that PhD student Jacqueline Lammert discovered her passion for clinical research. In her work, she wants to make an important contribution towards advancing breast cancer research.
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  • "As a data scientist, I can realize my full potential."
    TUM Alumna Laura-Luisa Velikonja blossoms in her job as Data Scientist. The collaboration with her team is particularly valuable for her. (Photo: Telefónica).
    Data Scientist Laura-Luisa Velikonja

    "As a data scientist, I can realize my full potential."

    Data Science is more than just programming - it is a dream job for TUM Alumna Laura-Luisa Velikonja. With know-how and an enormous versatility the mathematician conquers the Big Data world and is an inspiring role model for her profession.
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