Women of TUM
Over 200 women from all over Germany visited the Women of TUM Talks 2018 (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

Women of TUM

– Network for Women

Women of TUM is the network for female academics, graduates and students of TUM. It promotes a global exchange of ideas and mutual support among women in the areas of economics and the sciences.

Next Women of TUM Events

Afterwork in April

Mindful Leadership Coaching: The Art of Unfolding Potential

Ina Distel holds a Master’s degree in Consumer Affairs (M.Sc.) from TUM. After graduation, she founded her own strategy consulting business with a focus on corporate culture and value-based leadership coaching, offering workshops as well as one-to-one coachings.

In her impulse talk on April, 22nd Ina will discuss authentic leadership, the necessity of personal self-development and being at peace with oneself as a prerequisite for being an excellent leader. Afterward the talk there will be time to mingle and to network with the other Women of TUM.

The presentation and discussion will be in English.

Women of TUM Talks 2020

The Women of TUM Talks aim to encourage and inspire. They offer women of TUM a platform, making role models visible. They also mean to empower women to reach their goals.

On Wednesday, 13th of May 2020, this year’s speakers, from background as diverse as science, business and sport, provide impulses on the topic of motivation. They share personal and professional insights, give advice and discuss questions such as: Why are people motivated differently? Can I learn to be motivated? How do I motivate a team?

The event concludes with a reception to network and exchange ideas.

Afterwork in April
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Women of TUM

  • “I want to use Bioinformatics to cure diseases”
    Yana Bromberg regularly returns to TUM to catch up with her former Phd supervisor TUM professor Burkhard Rost. Using Munich as her base, she then visits family and friends she has all over Europe (photo: Magdalena Jooß/TUM).
    TUM Research Alumni Yana Bromberg

    “I want to use Bioinformatics to cure diseases”

    It would be possible to make a movie about her: born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, Yana Bromberg worked her way up and today she is a globally successful professor. She also has strong ties to TUM.
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  • "I am the first one to hold a doctorate in my family"
    TUM Alumna Christina Strobel (right) opened the Women of TUM network evening in November with her keynote lecture “Do automation and digitalization change us?” She outlined how computers and other machines shape our everyday lives and the challenges we face in human-machine interactions. After her lecture, the attendees mingled and networked happily with one another (Photo: Isabel Werdin/TUM).
    Incrementality Specialist Christina Strobel

    "I am the first one to hold a doctorate in my family"

    Initially, a career in academics was not of interest for TUM Alumni Christina Strobel. At TUM she only wanted to consolidate her education in business administration. But then she discovered experimental research in economics for herself.
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  • “Space is my passion”
    At TUM one of Maria Grulich's former professors was an astronaut. Now she herself is well on the way to this career (Photo: private).
    Aerospace Engineer Maria Grulich

    “Space is my passion”

    TUM Alumna Maria Grulich has only recently completed her studies but has already worked for the most important space agencies. With an international crew, she recently carried out a simulated Mars mission.
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  • “TUM is a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research”
    In December 2019 Prof. Dr. Anca Muscholl received the honorary title 'TUM Ambassador' from TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).
    TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl

    “TUM is a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research”

    With her algorithms TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl wants to make software better and more secure. Thanks to the research experience she has gained at TUM, she feels well prepared for this future-oriented task.
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  • “I am interested in the questions that lie in between the different topics”
    Lavinia Herzog works at the interface between architecture, landscape architecture and design. In her garden, which is her experimental field and relax area at the same time, she gets the best ideas for her innovative projects (Photo: private).
    Architect Lavinia Herzog

    “I am interested in the questions that lie in between the different topics”

    Her designs for urban open spaces allow TUM Alumna Lavinia Herzog to roam in the undefined area between nature and art. The love for architecture and design was given to her by her parents, the expertise she acquired at TUM.
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