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Women of TUM
Over 200 women from all over Germany visited the Women of TUM Talks 2018 (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

Women of TUM

– Network for Women

Women of TUM is the network for female academics, graduates and students of TUM. It promotes a global exchange of ideas and mutual support among women in the areas of economics and the sciences.

Next Women of TUM Events

Climate and Human Crises: Raising Awareness for Causes that Matter

Women of TUM ONLINE Afterwork – Tue, November 10, 2020 – 7pm

Speaker at the November event of the Women of TUM Afterwork series is TUM Alumna Ramona Wüst (Master Environmental Engineering 2020). She is co-founder of the “Fridays for Future” movement in Munich and actively engaged in changing climate policy. However,  “a change in thinking also has to happen at university”, she says: “This change is necessary to prepare students for the challenges resulting from the climate crisis.” At the Women of TUM Online Afterwork event she talks about her activism and why a social-ecological change requires social integrity.

The event will be held in English. There will also be time for you to ask personal questions and share your own experiences.

Digital Transformation - Challenges of a Digitalization Manager

Women of TUM ONLINE Afterwork – Wed, December 2, 2020 – 7pm

Creator or destroyer? The roles of digitalization managers are varied and multifaceted. The many challenges of this job require good self-management, the ability to reflect and to welcome change.

TUM Alumna Katsiaryna (Katja) Apalkova works in digitalization management in the healthcare sector. In her short talk, she will tell us about her experience, why digitalization management requires more than project management and how a company’s digital maturity impacts the realization of transformation projects.

Katja Apalkova (Master Consumer Science 2014) is a digitalization manager at München Klinik where she is responsible for the strategic planning, development and execution of the intra-departmental digitalization scheme. She studied Business at LMU and TUM, completing UnternehmerTUM’s prestigious “Manage & More” program during her Master‘s. Currently, she is a freelance coach as well as a digitalization manager.

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Women of TUM

  • “I love simple solutions”
    "The source of my motivation is always the curiosity to break new grounds", TUM Alumna Katsiaryna Apalkova explains. As the Manager for Digitalization at München Klinik, she is committed to improving and simplifying processes within the department through digitalization. (photo: blende 11 Fotografen).
    Manager for Digitalization Katsiaryna Apalkova

    “I love simple solutions”

    TUM Alumna Katsiaryna Apalkova is supporting companies in their efforts to become competitive for the future. Alongside digital solutions, corporate culture also plays a decisive role in this transformation process.
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  • “True strength lies within ourselves“
    Sabrina von Nessen took on management responsibility early on in her career. Today she is a Member of the Executive Board at afb Application Services AG (Photo: Christian Wiendl)
    Member of the Executive Board Sabrina von Nessen

    “True strength lies within ourselves“

    TUM Alumna Sabrina von Nessen is a dedicated executive with 20 years of professional experience in the Finance and IT industry. In her lectures she stresses the importance of emotional intelligence and female empowerment.
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  • “You just have to give it a go”
    For her doctorate, Dr. Vanessa Wergin moved from Frankfurt am Main to Munich. Looking back, she is glad that she chose TUM. To this day she is grateful for the many opportunities and offers for personal and professional development (photo: private).
    Sport Psychologist Vanessa Wergin

    “You just have to give it a go”

    There is no challenge too daunting for TUM Alumna Vanessa Wergin. As a former competitive athlete she has learnt how to deal with victory and defeat. Her research findings help athletes to stay calm in situations of pressure.
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  • “I want to understand how our brains work”
    In order to increase our understanding of the highly complex human brain, Prof. Dr. Ilona Grunwald is investigating the brains of fruit flies. The insights she is gaining from these model organisms might provide information on addictive behaviour in humans (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).
    TUM Professor Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow

    “I want to understand how our brains work”

    In her role as TUM Professor of Neurobiology, Ilona Grunwald Kadow researches the brains of fruit flies. Her interest is not limited to the evolution of neural circuits. She also wants to change the conditions for women in higher education.
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  • “I was able to decide for myself what I wanted to do”
    Lachana Hada's vision for her Impacters initiative involves much more than teaching programming languages. She wants to turn the initiative into a social movement that aims to break up stereotypical clichés about gender roles in Nepal (photo: Impacters).
    Computer Scientist Lachana Hada

    “I was able to decide for myself what I wanted to do”

    In Germany, TUM Alumna Lachana Hada is a software engineer in a start-up. In Nepal she teaches women how to programme. In both countries she wants to prove that gender has nothing to do with what you can and cannot do.
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