Women of TUM
Over 200 women from all over Germany visited the Women of TUM Talks 2018 (Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

Women of TUM

– Network for Women

Women of TUM is the network for female academics, graduates and students of TUM. It promotes a global exchange of ideas and mutual support among women in the areas of economics and the sciences.

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Women of TUM Talks 2019

„Codes, Big Data & KI – Greetings from the digitalized world

Tuesday, 8th of October 2019 in Munich 

On this evening, female scientists, students and alumnae of TUM will give insights into their (working) world and career, which would hardly be possible without technology, software, data and artificial intelligence.

After the talks, they will discuss the status quo and the potential for equal opportunities for women in the digitized world in a panel discussion.

Following this, there will be a reception to network and exchange ideas.

Please note that the talks given at this event will be in German.

You can find more information about the speakers here

Women of TUM Afterwork

TUM Alumna Christina Strobel  is a PhD student writing her Thesis on “Accountability and Appraisal of Artificial Intelligence.

With her impulse talk on: “Do automation and digitalization change us?”,  she will kick-start the network evening on Wednesday, 13. 11. 2019.

The presentation & discussion will be in English.

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Women of TUM

  • “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“
    Prof. Dr. Ying Zhang positively contributes her personal and professional passion for urban development and traffic to the TUM Network. As a city guide along the banks of the Huangpu, one of Shanghai's great waterways, she demonstrates the exciting development of the city from the 19th century until today for a group of TUM Alumni (Photo: private).
    Professor Ying Zhang

    “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“

    For her doctorate, Ying Zhang went all the way from China to Munich. Her experiences related to this intercultural exchange enriched her so much that she initiated the Women of TUM Network together with other female TUM Alumni.
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  • „I am a Woman of Movement“
    A life full of movement and always in the service of science, sports and good cooperation: Dr. Gertrude Krombholz has been closely linked to TUM for decades. In this photo she signs the contract for the establishment of the Dr. Gertrude Krombholz Foundation, with the help of which TUM awards outstanding work in Applied Sports Science (Photo: Uli Benz/TUM).
    Physical Education and Dance Teacher Gertrude Krombholz

    „I am a Woman of Movement“

    TUM Alumna Gertrude Krombholz was a physical education teacher trainer at TUM, specialised in many areas of sports and dance, and took part in three Olympic and 16 Paralympic Games. To promote her passion, she donated an award to TUM.
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  • “I am saving buildings and people”
    TUM Alumna Katrin Kredel advises her international mentees to concentrate their studies and careers on what machines cannot do: the ability to work in a team, empathy, people and solution-oriented cooperation. The picture shows Katrin Kredel (centre) with (from left to right): Azadeh Abbasian, Raginie Prassad, Nejc Zupan, Ana Tori, Alexandre Mongeau, Joseph Nwankwo, Wiyar Sharif, Elham Rezaei (Photo: Private).
    Architect Katrin Kredel

    “I am saving buildings and people”

    In her studies TUM Alumna Katrin Kredel learnt how important professional teamwork and friendliness at the workplace are. Today, these competencies are the central formula for success for the freelance consultant and TUM mentor.
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  • “TUM has always been my first choice”
    TUM Alumni Mariana Avezum is doing her doctorate in Applied Software Engineering at TUM's Department of Informatics in Garching. Her research is focused on Urban Mobility (Photo: Florian Bodlée).
    Computer Scientist Mariana Avezum

    “TUM has always been my first choice”

    TUM Alumna Mariana Avezum has lived on four continents and speaks three languages. For her master's thesis she set up an interdisciplinary team at TUM in order to make the Hyperloop high-speed train even faster.
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  • "If you want to start a business, do it with a purpose!"
    TUM has opened many doors for alumna Dr. Tina Ruseva. As mentor and speaker she is happy to give back. (Photo: Humboldt-Stiftung / Robert Schlesinger)
    Start-up professional Dr. Tina Ruseva

    "If you want to start a business, do it with a purpose!"

    Dr. Tina Ruseva always wanted to set up her own company, to be the one who “does stuff” and not just “consumes”. After spending several years in the start-up world, she says it’s not about doing things right, but doing the right thing.
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