Coach Valentina Luspai

“At TUM I was able to learn and grow”

TUM Alumna Valentina Luspai is inquisitive – about herself, about life and about people. As a coach she fully lives out her passion and her strengths. And she wants to encourage other people to do the same.

Valentina Luspai started her own business as a life coach when she was still a master student at TUM. Since 2017 she has also been working as a coach in the agile context. She does not provide prefabricated solutions for teams and organisations, but instead helps them to help themselves. In order to make her clients more flexible, adaptable and competitive, the passionate coach follows the same approach that has become a formula for success in her own life: she wants to spark her clients’ curiosity about themselves.

Superpower Clarity

Valentina Luspai is a certified Bank Business Management Assistant, has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management from TUM. She has worked both self-employed and employed, and as a business woman in her own start-up. The inquisitive process of getting to know and trying out the different disciplines and fields of work significantly added to her experience. Also on her longer journeys through Asia, Europe and South Africa, the TUM Alumna experienced how liberating it is to continually rediscover yourself and through that to also learn more about yourself and your strengths and interests.

My goal is to inspire people to exceed themselves.

Throughout her different experiences, Valentina Luspai realised again and again that she has an unwavering passion for people and their personal development. In her role as a coach, she strives to awaken in others what she has experienced as so enriching herself. Her own approach to life became Valentina Luspai’s coaching approach. “I want to inspire people to embark on their journey, to explore themselves and to exceed themselves”, she explains. “As a coach I try to convey how important it is to gain clarity in life and to apply it in a way that you end up doing exactly what you really love.”

Coming Full Circle

Since 2020 Valentina Luspai has been working for an innovative company that is driving the future of energy supply. This allows her to not only pursue her passion for coaching, but also to apply her expertise in Sustainable Resource Management, which TUM has provided her with.

As of this year, she is a mentor in the TUM Mentoring Programme for Students by Alumni, accompanying young people and encouraging them to develop more curiosity for new things. And she also wants to share her experience with the female scientists, alumni and students of the Women of TUM Network. At the online afterwork event on July 8, 2020 she will talk about her ‘superpower’ clarity. “As a student at TUM I was able to learn and grow”, she says. “Thanks to the invitation to talk about my life and experiences, I now have something to give back.”