Medical couple Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif

“Medicine is our passion”

Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif were able to advance their research work at TUM thanks to a postdoc scholarship. Despite great cultural differences, they and their German colleagues had a common goal in mind: to help people.

When they were children, both Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif wanted to understand how the human body works. “From the beginning both of us knew that we wanted to study medicine,” they say. Hossam Sherif adds: “I always wanted to work in the medical faculty and find cures for serious illnesses.” In the 1980s they began their medical studies at the University of Cairo and got to know each other during their practical year at the University Hospital. After completing their master’s degree, Hossam Sherif in Internal Medicine in 1995 and Inas Abdelaziz in Chemical and Clinical Pathology in 1997, they got married.

International research

Since the eighties Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif have been researching and teaching at the University of Cairo, but they never miss an opportunity to expand their knowledge through research stays abroad and at international conferences. Both were able to continue their research as postdocs at TUM thanks to a scholarship.

Through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Inas Abdelaziz was able to advance her work on molecular parasitology at the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene at TUM for two years. The Research & Clinical Fellowship for Nuclear Cardiology made it possible for Hossam Sherif to conduct research at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the TUM and thus further intensify his work in his special field.

We want to expand our knowledge so that we can help our patients more efficiently.

During their research stays at TUM, Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif met many colleagues with whom they are still friends today. Inas Abdelaziz remembers in particular the overriding goal that she and her husband shared with their German colleagues: “Whether from Egypt or Germany, we all had in common that we wanted to advance our research and expand our knowledge in order to be able to help our patients more efficiently.” Hossam Sherif also appreciated the motivating working atmosphere, the culture of teamwork and the high standard of technological equipment at the TUM.

Retreating to the private sphere

As ambitious as the two are in their research fields, Inas Abdelaziz as Professor of Molecular Parasitology and Hossam Sherif as Professor of Intensive Medicine with a focus on Cardiology and Nuclear Cardiology, they ensure that their is enough time for their private lives besides their valuable work at the University of Cairo . “We certainly share our moments of success and encourage each other,” says Inas Abdelaziz. “But at home, we don’t discuss our research.” “We want to keep our personal lives out of the professional competition,” Hossam Sherif stresses. It is much more important for them as parents to spend time with their daughter when she comes home from her Architecture studies in Aachen during the semester break.