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150 Alumni Stories

  • “We plan, build and shape for generations“
    University Donors Gabriele and Robert Hertle

    “We plan, build and shape for generations“

    As aspiring engineers Gabriele and Robert Hertle met each other while studying at TUM. Meanwhile, they have been married for many years and complement each other perfectly – not only when working in their own engineering office.

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  • “In the beginning I was a Jack of all trades”
    Curator Helmut Keim

    “In the beginning I was a Jack of all trades”

    In its establishment phase, Helmut Keim, who gained his doctorate in Architecture, took on the management of Upper Bavaria's first central open-air museum. Even though he was entirely self-taught in regard to museological matters, he managed to de…

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  • “I savour being on stage with a full-sized orchestra“
    Pianist and engineer Sylvia Dankesreiter

    “I savour being on stage with a full-sized orchestra“

    Engineering in the morning, family in the afternoon, piano performances in the evening. Since childhood TUM Alumna Sylvia Dankesreiter is a passionate musician. Yet, as a young piano virtuoso, she opted for a degree programme at TUM.

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  • “I do the impossible for my children”
    Landscape architect Aude Zingraff-Hamed

    “I do the impossible for my children”

    It’s not possible to have both a career and children? Not true. Scientist Aude Zingraff-Hamed had three children while completing her doctorate at TUM. She says that her children gave her the strength to carry out her research.

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Sami Haddadin awarded with Leibniz Price

The German Research Foundation has awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize to TUM Alumnus Sami Haddadin, Professor of Robotics and Systems Intelligence at TUM. The Leibniz Prize is the most important German science prize and endowed with 2.5 million euros. It is awarded to scientists who have achieved excellent research results at an early stage of their career.

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150 years of TUM

150 years of TUM

TUM has a birthday

– and everyone is celebrating!

A time to celebrate and come together for the entire TUM family: The worldwide network will be celebrating the TUM jubilee with a number of top events and activities.

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Jubilee donation

TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868

You received a sound education at the TUM and you have found your place in life. You are grateful for that and would like to share your success with others.

You can support the TUM on its course of excellence with contributions and donations of all amounts. During the jubilee year, the TUM family will be celebrating together. We will be showing our appreciation of our sponsors with our TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868.

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Events for Alumni

  • Was sind meine Stärken?
    Foto: Astrid Eckert & Andreas Heddergott / TUM

    Was sind meine Stärken?

    Wed. 12.12.2018 09:30-16:00 - Workshop in Kooperation mit dem Hochschulteam der Agentur für Arbeit München Sie wollen potentielle Arbeitgeber von sich überzeugen? Sie wissen aber nicht so genau, welche Fähigkeiten Sie anzubieten haben? In die…

  • Webinar: Berufsbranchen im Fokus – Energiewirtschaft
    Foto: © Astrid Eckert & Andreas Heddergott / TUM

    Webinar: Berufsbranchen im Fokus – Energiewirtschaft

    Wed. 12.12.2018 18:00-19:00 - Sie befinden sich am Ende des Studiums oder Ihrer Promotion und stellen sich die Frage, welche Möglichkeiten es am Arbeitsmarkt gibt? Welche Branchen decken sich mit ihren Interessen und bieten vielfältige Karrierec…

  • Webinar: Lebensläufe individuell gestalten
    Foto: ©GaudiLab -

    Webinar: Lebensläufe individuell gestalten

    Thu. 13.12.2018 16:00-17:00 - Machen Sie sich mit den erforderlichen Inhalten eines Lebenslaufs vertraut und lernen Sie, wie Sie dabei Ihre Kompetenzen je nach Stellenausschreibung gut darstellen können. Im Anschluss haben Sie im Chat die Möglic…

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