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150 Alumni Stories

  • “At TUM I was able to learn and grow”
    Coach Valentina Luspai

    “At TUM I was able to learn and grow”

    TUM Alumna Valentina Luspai is inquisitive - about herself, about life and about people. As a coach she fully lives out her passion and her strengths. And she wants to encourage other people to do the same.

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  • “Deep down in my heart, I am a scientist”
    Entrepreneur Robin Sommer

    “Deep down in my heart, I am a scientist”

    Computers and informatics have been fascinating TUM Alumni Robin Sommer since he was a teenager. Today he is the co-founder of a highly successful software company that helps to uncover security vulnerabilities and prevent hacker attacks.

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  • “We want to solve one of the biggest environmental problems”
    Entrepreneur Eleonore Eisath

    “We want to solve one of the biggest environmental problems”

    Since 1950 people have produced around 8.3 billion tons of plastic, which now pollute the planet. With plastic-eating organisms, nature offers a solution to the problem. With their help, TUM Alumna Eleonore Eisath intends to start a recycling revo…

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  • “In the future, learning will be virtual”
    Mentoring-Tandem Andreas Talg and Ángela Párraga

    “In the future, learning will be virtual”

    Mentee Ángela Párraga not only worked on her career planning and curriculum vitae with TUM Alumni Andreas Talg. In cooperation with the expert, she also drove forward the virtual learning offers of an international corporation.

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Nobel Laureate becomes TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor

TUM Alumni and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Prof. Dr. Joachim Frank (Doctorate in Chemistry 1970) was appointed Distinguished Affiliated Professor of TUM in June. He also gave a ceremonial address and a lecture for students of his alma mater.

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Film about the anniversary year

Film about the anniversary year

150 years of TUM

– watch the video!

Since 1868 Technical University of Munich is shaping the future. In this film we are looking back at our eventful anniversary year. TUM thanks all contributors, who helped and took part.

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Jubilee donation

TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868

You received a sound education at the TUM and you have found your place in life. You are grateful for that and would like to share your success with others.

You can support the TUM on its course of excellence with contributions and donations of all amounts. During the jubilee year, the TUM family will be celebrating together. We will be showing our appreciation of our sponsors with our TUM Alumni Jubilee Circle 1868.

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