Alumni networker

  • “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“

    Professor Ying Zhang

    “Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time“

  • “We are on the same wavelength”

    Alumni trip initiator Falk Lamkewitz

    “We are on the same wavelength”

    Falk Lamkewitz is planning an Alumni trip to Ecuador. He has already taken part in many trips of this type and knows that the time spent studying at TUM creates a special relationship of trust and opens up unique insights into other countries and cultures.

  • “Connecting ideas and people is my passion”

    TUM Doctorate Candidate Dora Dzvonyar

    “Connecting ideas and people is my passion”

    Bringing fresh perspectives into the world, exchanging ideas and meeting new people: TUM PhD candidate Dora Dzvonyar is a true all-rounder when it comes to bringing together research with industry or making it accessible to the general public.

  • “I visit Bavaria every year”

    Bavaria Enthusiast Dr. Yukou Mochida

    “I visit Bavaria every year”

    Over half a century has passed since Dr. Yukou Mochida spent his days at the researchers’ desk at TUM. In all these years, he has never lost sight of his guest alma mater. On the contrary. Bavaria has also become a professional focus for the Japanese.

  • “That crucial extra mile”

    Deep Sea Engineer Gunnar Brink

    “That crucial extra mile”

    Exciting, what goes on several 1,000 miles under the sea – incredible that we know so little about it. A biophysicist of all people has the ambition to change that. Dr. Gunnar Brink provides some insights into deep-sea drones and education with depth.

  • “Together science fiction becomes reality”

    Biotech-Netzwerker Jérôme Lutz

    “Together science fiction becomes reality”

    Bringing people together and creating innovation – that is exactly what Jérôme Lutz always wanted to do. When the urge got too strong to hold back, he left his job and started up as a networker in the biotech scene.