• Eveline Gottzein
    Eveline Gottzein was born on 30 September 1931 in Leipzig. Her parents were the engineer Bruno Gottzein and his wife Charlotte. Already at the age of 13, she was interested in technology, wanted to be a glider pilot and, with her father’s support, built model airplanes. After completing her secondary education in 1949 in the […]
  • Josef Ertl
    Josef Ertl (1925–2000) served as Germany's agriculture minister for 13 years, leaving his mark on the country's agricultural policy. The spirited Bavarian was known as resolute, knowledgeable, and open to debate, with a sometimes-churlish sense of humor.
  • Robert Piloty
    Robert Piloty was born on 6 June 1924 as the son of Hans Piloty and Maria Defregger. Both parents’ families had an artistic background: One paternal great-grandfather was the well-known Munich historical painter Carl Theodor von Piloty (1826–1886), one maternal great-grandfather the landscape painter Franz von Defregger (1835–1921). Robert Piloty grew up in Berlin, where […]
  • Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955) received the Nobel Prize for his first novel “Buddenbrooks,” and is considered one of the most important German authors of the 20th century. It is not well-known that he studied for two semesters at the Technische Hochschule München.
  • Karl and Otto Meitinger
    Karl Meitinger (1882–1970) was born in Munich on 11 February 1882. He studied architecture at the technical universities of Munich and Berlin. After graduating, he worked for the Stöhr building company. He joined the Munich municipal administration in 1910. From 1928 onwards, he was the city’s building surveyor; from 1936, he directed the structural engineering […]
  • Hermann Linde
    Hermann Linde was the last board member of the Linde company – founded by Professor Carl Linde of the Technische Hochschule München in 1879 – to bear the Linde name. After his retirement, the low-temperature physicist taught as an honorary professor at TUM.
  • Walther Rathenau
    The charismatic Walther Rathenau moved confidently in the spheres of business and finance, technology and politics, art and philosophy. He was a multi-faceted and contradictory personality. Extreme right-wing assassins put an early end to his life.